PowerPoint Coach – come on – we all need this tool!

So, I have a couple of presentations coming up in the next couple of weeks and I have been dying to test out the #PowerPointCoach.

So before we head off for the weekend, I just wanted to make you all aware (if you weren’t) of this awesome new addition to PowerPoint if you haven’t seen or heard of it…

Introducing PowerPoint Coach

Training and feedback are vital in helping us confidence and improve our “public” speaking abilities. While we can self review, gain feedback from team mates or peers, Microsoft has gone a step further to help us using the power of AI….oooooooh AI…

Presenter Coach in PowerPoint does this listening and feedback for you (and you never have to worry about it drifting off as you rehearse). Presenter Coach lets you enter “rehearsal mode”, providing on-screen guidance for pacing, inclusive language, use of profanity, filler words (like “erm” and “actually”) and culturally insensitive phrases.

To test this out, head over to PowerPoint Online (not the desktop version), Open or create a presentation, then go to the “Slideshow” menu and click “Rehearse with Coach” Even works with “recorded slides”. 

It’s really great to see this in action after being announced earlier this year.

Of course one thing it cant do it tell you whether your presentations actually make any sense (well not yet anyway) – what is does it provides great feedback on your pace, flow and rythm…something i personally struggle with when I first kick off!  


have a good weekend all.


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