2020: Hello Surface Hub 2X. Powered by the new Windows 10X?

After abruptly ending production of the original SurfaceHub in 2017, Microsoft originally announced the Surface Hub 2 in April 2018 with an impressive marketing video. In September 2018, we learned more about the reality and timeline of this new device with a “phased launch plan” which saw the introduction of two models: the Surface Hub 2S and the SurfaceHub2X.


The SurfaceHub2S arrived this year (we got ours delivered in August). This came with an impressive new premium design, looking for like a giant SurfacePro with a modest internals upgrade, superior new 4k screen, plus ability to have it roam on a lightweight battery powered stand. From a software perspective however, it’s identical to the original Surface Hub.

Surface Hub 2X

The SurfaceHub2X was promised for sometime in 2020 with all the new features showcased in the exciting promo video, complete with a rotating display and a software experience that enables seamless transitions between display modes, in addition to other features like active tiling.

As we come closer to this 2020 date, new details of the SurfaceHub2X are now beginning to come to light such the changes to the OS that are expected to power the new device (or upgrade module that will be available for the SurfaceHub2S). While not a suprise to many (and to honest, expected) Surface Hub 2X could ship with a variant of the Windows Core OS that was originally announced at the tail end of 2018.

What’s the big difference?

Unlike the original SurfaceHub and SurfaceHub2S which runs WindowsTeam edition, it is beleived that a varient of Windows Core OS (Windows 10X) will power the SurfaceHub2X when it ships next year. We also expect this to be an upgrade option (via upgraded interface card) for the existing SurfaceHub2S.

SurfaceHub2X Promo

When in 2020 can I get one?

We need to wait a little longer to hear exactly when. If this is indeed dependant on the release of Windows10X which is not expected until mid 2020 at the earliest we could be in for a longish wait…

… But bear in mind the SurfaceHub2S will have upgrade options…

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