Microsoft FY20Q2 results exceed Wall Street estimates.

Highlight; Revenues of $36.9 billion for the quarter, with profit at $11.6 billion, up 38% year-over-year.

FY20 Q2 results summary

As always theres lots to read into these and some of the number lows and highs are always due to time of year and aligned with commercial, public sector and consumer buying cycles. Here are the main highlights as I’ve digested them.

  • Commercial cloud business (Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics) and other cloud services reached $12.5 billion in Q2, up 39% year over year.
  • Azure revenue itself grew 62%, but Microsoft doesn’t report revenue figures specific to Azure.
  • Productivity and Business Processes” which includes Office products for businesses and customers, LinkedIn revenue and Dynamics products and cloud services, increased 17% to $11.8 billion with Dynamics 365 up 43%
  • 9.5% increase in the number of Office 365 consumer subscribers, which is now at 35.6 million customers
  • Enterprise Mobility and Security was up to 120 million seats, a 36% increase year-over-year.
  • More Personal Computing,” including Windows, search, Xbox and Surface, was $13.2 billion, up 2% from this time last year with Xbox dragging these numbers down 11% percent compared to the same quarter last year.

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