Teams hits 2.7 Billion Meeting Minutes in just OneDay

Microsoft, shared some updated highlights from their new Work Trend Index, a new research effort to understand how workers around the world interact with Microsoft’s productivity apps.. Key numbers below.

  • Teams hit a new daily record of 2.7 billion meeting minutes in one day, which represents an increase of 200% from 900 million in mid-March.
  • The number of weekly Microsoft Teams users on mobile grew more than 3x from early February to March 31.
  • Teams video usage in Teams meetings grow two times more than before
  • Total number of Teams video grew by over 1,000% in March.

Two new features have also started rolling out…

1. Custom background effects in video calls are now generally available and have started rolling out todaystarting today. This feature builds upon background Blur with preset and custom backgrounds, which leverages AI to blur the environment behind you

2. A raise hand feature to notify others in your Teams calls that you want to speak will also start rolling out this month,

Other features are also not far behind.. As Microsoft will be rolling out real-time noise suppression later this year along with pop out chat windows, and an end meeting feature to allow organisers to end a meeting for everyone in one click.

I’ve also seen word that participant reports are also coming that including join and leave times.

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