New Poly Trio C60 announced

Poly (the name for the Plantronics acquisition of Polycom  last year) have just announced their new Trio C60 – the companies next generation ‘built for Teams’ conference phone that many poly fans have been waiting for.

I’m usually fortunate to get to test out a fair bit of kit from our strategic technology partners however as this is so new (with availability expected sometime in May this year), this write up is based on the info shared and announced by Poly.

For me a good test of what puts one collaboration device (in this case the new Poly Trio C60) ahead of another is about 4 things

  • How simple it is to use
  • The build quality and design
  • High Quality Audio (and Video)
  • Clever Connectivity Options

Introducing the Poly Trio C60

Firstly, I’ve not yet got my hands on a new Trio just yet, it certainly seems to ticks all the boxes and it’s (well pending)

certified for Teams (as well as others).

Simple and intuitive to use
Built on (and improving on) the great success of the previous generation of Trio and finally certified (well, will be) for Microsoft Teams (as well as Zoom and a variety of the other leading open SIP and UC&C services) it will be easy to use since it will follow the standards defined by Microsoft for Teams powered collaboration devices.  In addition the Trio C60 also includes:

  • Active proximity sensors to wake up the device  from about 3 meters away
  • Volume controls mounted on each side of the device for ease of access.

Build Quality and Design
OK so while I haven’t seen one in the flesh, the new Trio looks like the high quality premium device you’d expect from Poly.

Poly say this is designed to stand on its own as a high-quality Teams conference phone, or, it can be used to control other endpoints like the Poly Studio X Series collaboration bar or G7500 camera

It’s powered by a new Quad-core processor and runs Android 9 which Poly say will deliver  up to 4x better performance than its predecessors

High quality audio
The Trio C60 will have superb HD audio sound quality as Poly devices have always been known for this, and their patented Noiseblock filters out background noise.

Theres also optional wired expansion microphones allowing you to ‘daisy chain’ up to three devices for larger spaces

Clever Connectivity options
Poly have listed a host of connectivity options as you would expect including
  • Optional wired expansion microphones allowing you to ‘daisy chain’ up to three devices for larger spaces.
  • Will support (later this year) DECT wireless expansion mics
  • Is wireless enabled, supporting 2.4-5GHz WIFI with multiple-in multiple-out (MIMO)
  • Has Bluetooth 5.0 support
  • 1xUSB A and 1x USB C port


The attractive price point (circa £1,000), high quality and familiar design with easy to use features (and being fully Teams certified) will no doubt offer a high quality user experience for all participants.

The Teams device space is extremely competitive at the moment with new devices from Crestron, Yealink, Logitech and Poly.

I’ll update this (or add a new one) once I get my hands on one to test out and hopefully compare it to some of the other vendors such as the Yealink CP960.

You can see more at Polys’ website which I’ve included here.

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