Changes coming to Windows 11 in 2024 to comply with the DMA

2024 will see Microsoft ship their “Moments 5” update to Windows 11, which as well as the usually hunch of feature enhancements and tweaks to the OS, will also bring the necessary changes Microsoft are being forced to make in order to comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

This update is expected to drop sometime in Q1 2024 following the usual testing with the Windows Insider community. It will be delivered as a cumulate update via the Windows Update service.

Moment 5 is likely to be the last Moment update for Windows 11, as there is expectation thst the next major OS update will be launched sometime in 2024.

Here’s a summary of some of the key changes you can expect.

Changes needed to comply with the DMA

  • Ability to uninstall more of the in-box applications such as Microsoft Edge, Camera, and Photos. The ability to remove Edge will be limited to users in the Europe only.
  • Start menu’s All Apps list will be renamed to All and operating system components are clearly labelled with “system”.
  • Ability to disable Microsoft News integration from the Widgets Board. This also includes the ability to replace it with third-party news services instead.

Updates and general improvements

  • The ability to ink directly into text boxes across the Windows OS.
  • The ability to use third-party search providers in the Windows Search pane
  • Ability to give friendly names to Nearby Share so you can give more readable names to make it easier to find and connect.
  • Anility to use Windows Spotlight as the default wallpaper setting
  • Voice Access is getting a new feature called “voice shortcuts,” which allows you to create custom commands that use your voice to activate. This can be used to create an action based on a custom phrase.
  • In-box app updates to Notepad, Paint and the Microsoft Store.

Updates to Copilot in Windows

  • Copilot can be “undocked” allowing apps to exist underneath the Copilot sidebar instead of being forced to appear next to it. This makes it easier to work with Copilot.
  • The Copilot interface will also show in the Windows ALT+TAB menu, making it easier to  switch to and from it.
  • Copilot will also work across multiple displays rather than just the primary.

Updates to Windows 365

  • Improvements to the Windows 365 integration in Windows 11, including allowing companies the ability to customise the login page.
  • Users will be able to disconnect from the Cloud PC via Task View or Start menu.
  • Ability to configure local device settings from the CloudPC.
  • Task View now also has visual indicators that pop up just above the Taskbar whenever you switch between your local desktops or Cloud PC using task switcher. This makes it easiet to know if you are on the local or Cloud PC.
  • Ability to use Dedicated Mode to boot to the Cloud PC from a company-owned device.

These are the main changes coming in Q1 2024 in what will be an interesting and fast paced year for updates, AI advances and new hardware for Microsoft.

For now, have a great new year whatever your plans, ambitions or dreams are..

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